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Flying by helicopter helps you save time and adds excitement to your journey, whether you travel for business or leisure. No waiting, no traffic and no hassle. Helicopter hire is the ideal solution for those who need to be in different places on the same day or quickly reach locations hardly accessible in other ways.

Helicopter Maintenance

Born from the need to ensure the efficiency of its fleet, Hoverfly is an EASA Part 145 and EASA Part M certified maintenance company able to perform basic maintenance operations and to manage the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts belonging to Airbus Helicopters’ family (formerly Eurocopter), Leonardo AW (formerly AgustaWestland) and Robinson. 

Training Academy

L' ATO (Approved Training Organisation) Hoverfly offers training courses for the achievement of the Type Rating and instrument flight (IFR).
The courses are divided into a theoretical and a practical part.


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About Us

Flying with Hoverfly means choosing the best strategically located helicopter company, leader in the field of executive passenger transport in Italy and with the most diverse fleet. Our helicopters can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers with standard luggage size within maximum take-off weight limits.

Hoverfly has single and twin-engine multi-crew helicopters which offer diversified services in terms of price flexibility and effectiveness in meeting customer needs. Our helicopters are fitted out with VIP interiors.

Holding an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Aerial Work Operator Certificate (COLA) and being a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) certified company, Hoverfly is able to manage both its own and third party aircraft, both technically and operationally. Our Contact Center is available 24 hours a day.

Call +393460077470 or email us at info@hoverfly.it and our staff will take care of every detail of your journey (hotels, car transfers, luggage transport) from the place of departure to your final destination.

The experience acquired over the years in the aviation field allows Hoverfly to offer its customers also a private jet charter service.

Our History



Establishment of Hoverfly Group
Purchase of 2 AS355N + 1 Dauphin AS365 N2


Purchase of 1 AS350 B3PLUS + 1 AS355 NP


Purchase of 1 AW109S


Purchase of 1 AW109SP


AOC + CAMO Certifications obtained
Part 145 – Hoverfly Tech


Order placed for the first Executive VIP AW169


SAM (Società Aerea Meridionale) – Company Acquisition


Extension of Part-145 for AW109 series, AS350 series, AS355 series, EC120, EC130 B4, AW169, R22/44, AS365 N2


ATO Certification
Specific Approval - HOFO

With its certified management system (CERTIQUALITY - Quality Assurance Institute No. 14743) Hoverfly ensures the quality of its services and is committed to:

• make customers and their needs a primary focus of its actions;
• act in full compliance with national, international and intercontinental laws and regulations;
• constantly monitor business processes through internal audits;
• improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality System;
• increase company know-how through human resource training programs and the use of advanced technologies;
• promote the involvement of all company staff in the perspective of a “Total Quality System“.

This kind of approach allows to control the connection between individual processes, as well as their combination and interaction, and to ensure the respect of Quality System standards and requirements. Only with the highest levels of quality you can enjoy an unforgettable flight experience on a private helicopter.


Every day we invest in our employees training and professional development as well as in the continuous update and enhancement of quality standards within the company

Hoverfly has developed, obtained and maintained over the years the following certifications:

• Air Operator Certificate IT.AOC.157/Air Operator Certificate IT.AOC.167
• Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval Certificate IT.MG.0157/Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval Certificate IT.MG.0167
• Aerial Work Operator Certificate I-105LA/Aerial Work Operator Certificate I-111LA
• UNI ISO 9001:2008 #14743 Certificate (Quality Management System)
• UNI ISO 14001:2004 #22732 Certificate (Environmental Management System)
• Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate IT.145.0377

 Air Operator

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

AMO IT.145.0377
Approved Maintenance Organization

Approved Training Organization

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System

Administrative Headquarters

Hoverfly s.r.l.
P.I. 01439650688
Via dei Marrucini, 67
65127 Pescara (PE)
+39 085 6921848

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Operational Headquarters
  • Hoverfly divisione SAM s.r.l.
  • P.I. 02113720680 
  • Via Olmo, 28
  • 84092 Bellizzi (Salerno)
  • Italy
  • +39 0828 354155
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