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  • Born from the need to ensure the efficiency of its fleet, Hoverfly is an EASA Part 145 and EASA Part M certified maintenance company able to perform basic maintenance operations and to manage the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts belonging to Airbus Helicopters’ family (formerly Eurocopter), Leonardo AW (formerly AgustaWestland) and Robinson. In order to maintain high standards of safety and professionalism, Hoverfly invests every day in advanced training programs for its technicians, in cutting-edge equipment and spare parts warehouse so as to be always at the forefront and in line with the requirements of relevant legislation.
Administrative Headquarters

Hoverfly s.r.l.
P.I. 01439650688
Via dei Marrucini, 67
65127 Pescara (PE)
+39 085 6921848

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Operational Headquarters
  • Hoverfly divisione SAM s.r.l.
  • P.I. 02113720680 
  • Via Olmo, 28
  • 84092 Bellizzi (Salerno)
  • Italy
  • +39 0828 354155
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