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how to reach Capri island


Have you ever dreamt about indulging yourself with a VVIP luxury escape?
Don’t miss the chance to reach Capri by helicopter to get the very best of this magnetic place and let yourself be amazed by the perfect mix of beauty, culture, luxury and inspiration this dreamy island will gift you with!
There must be something magical with this place – featured by its natural wonders and first-rate hotels – which unceasingly keeps on attracting people from all around the world ever since ages, thus embodying the epitome of La Dolce Vita. Not only summer, but even late spring and early fall are great to visit it, thanks to its mild climate which makes its guests enjoy sunny days and balmy nights.
Reaching Capri by one of our VIP helicopters is a truly unique and breath-taking experience which will let you admire its crystal-clear waters, its iconic Faraglioni rock formations and sparkling luxury mega yachts moored at Marina Piccola from an unparalleled perspective.
After your landing at Anacapri, Hoverfly will offer you an all-round experience taking care of your transfers to the very heart of the island. Indeed, it can count on its well-established partnership with the best VVIP hotels, such as Grand Hotel Quisisana, JK Place, Punta Tragara, Caesar Augustus, La Scalinatella or Capri Tiberio Palace, to name but a few.
And what if we told you we could also land on your yacht, thanks to our HOFO certification?
Fly to Capri with us and treat yourself with an unforgettable experience: this island is pure glamour!

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